These wind sculptures (also referred to as Garden Art Sculptures) are produced in very limited numbers in a small shop in Mid-Michigan. The wind sculptures are completely hand crafted from the finest copper, brass, and stainless steel. Each wind sculpture incorporates high tolerance parts machined from brass and is fitted with sealed stainless steel ball bearings allowing rotation in the slightest breeze.

These wind sculptures are durable and completely weatherproof and can remain outdoors year-round providing years of enjoyment. High quality wind sculptures are a fine addition to any yard or garden either standing alone or clustered in groups. These wind sculptures make an excellent gift for the hard to buy person. Please go to our products section to view the many models available along with videos of selected models. For answers to further questions don’t hesitate to call Jere at 989-501-1938 or Matt at 989-894-5800.

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